2022 college football season schedule: best revenge games


In sports, there are few words more exciting than “revenge”. As the next college football season approaches, there will be no shortage of big games fueled by that word.

Whether it’s the annual season-ending clash between Ohio State and Michigan, or Nick Saban seeking to silence the outside noise, this offseason stands between us all and a turbulent year of football. Although there are coaches and players who have evolved, one of the best things about the sport is that there is always a lingering impact after suffering a tough loss, making the next game even more anticipated.

CBS Sports’ Chip Patterson has put together an intriguing list of revenge games and explained why revenge in college football is heavier than in other sports.

“We spend 12 months talking and thinking about a sport that only plays 12 regular season games, so the weight of a result far exceeds what we see in other sports,” Patterson wrote. “There are occasional rematches in a season, even for the national championship, but in many cases when a match goes badly for a team, that team and all its fans have to wait a year before they have a chance. to take revenge.

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Below are Patterson’s biggest revenge games of the 2022 season.


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