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BEAVER TOWNSHIP — YSU’s first football game is exactly four months away, but head coach Doug Phillips’ every waking moment has been spent preparing for Duquesne University and their September 3 arrival. at Stambaugh Stadium.

If their recent spring training is any indication of Phillips’ team improvement since the end of last season, the 82nd version of Penguins football is poised to make a deep run in the Missouri Valley Football Conference, a league that , according to Phillips, is in the lead. in FCS.

“The execution of the practice becomes the reality of the game,” Phillips told the Curbstone Coaches during Monday night’s meeting at the Avion Banquet Center. “Spring training went well and one of the big reasons was that we were able to sit down, learn and study situational football. We discussed and assessed everything from short distance situations to first downs, red zone opportunities to our two-minute offense When you get into a game, these things happen quickly at different times.

“We also focused on what we call the ‘critical 8’, which is the four minutes before half-time and the four minutes after half-time. We had the opportunity to go back and teach and educate and I know our players have a better understanding of those situations.

The first two cycles since the end of the season are over with Phillips and staff looking ahead to the next few months in preparation for pre-season camp in August.

“The first cycle, from January to March, brought players back into the weight room and I could see them getting bigger and stronger,” Phillips added. “It got them ready for spring ball and then it was back to the weight room. We will be adding additional conditioning in June and July so they are ready for camp.

“In our league, and I say this all the time, size matters because you have to be big up front. The recent NFL Draft is all the proof you need with nine players drafted by the MVFC, including our very own Drew Ogeltree who went to the sixth round with the Indianapolis Colts. Our league had more players drafted than the Mid-American Conference, which had six players drafted, more than the Sun Belt and other FBS leagues.

“I would like the people of Ohio to see how strong our league really is and what type of player and caliber program you need to prepare to face every week. We are focused on achieving that milestone this fall. and we’ve made tremendous progress this offseason.

Recent news that former Oklahoma head coach Barry Switzer and the 1Oklahoma collective through NIL, who are looking to offer Sooners football players the opportunity to earn between $40-50,000 a year, is changing fast. the landscape of college athletics.

“I think I’m going to focus on what I can control and right now I have no control over it,” Phillips said. “Either you adapt or it will chew you up and spit you out. I like that players can be supported as they work 365 days a year. To make five, six figures or a million dollars, I get worrisome. For one of our players, putting extra money in their pocket for food or whatever is great. Some don’t come from much, so maybe that money goes home to help the family.

The transfer portal is another space that changes the college landscape.

“That’s the world we live in,” Phillips noted. “There will be times when we lose a player that we don’t want to lose and with social media you don’t know how many people there are in a young man’s ears when he comes home. In the same just so you know, it’s helped us and I’m looking at the young men we brought in last January, as an example, to help build and strengthen our roster, it makes us better, but at the same time, we have to be prepared to adapt, just in case.

Adding Ohio State to their schedule in 2023 has created a huge buzz.

“I’m far from thinking about it, but I know our kids are thrilled with this opportunity,” Phillips said. “We have a lot of young men from Ohio and a lot of them are from the Columbus area, so this is an opportunity for them to come into ‘The Shoe’ and play against Ohio State University. They are thrilled, as is our fanbase.

“In today’s world, money matters a lot. It means a lot to our athletic department, it means a lot to our program and we need to continue to have those opportunities. »

Next Monday, Jack Wollitz, fishing author The Common Angler will be the guest speaker.

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