Where does Texas rank among the best coaching jobs in college football?


Throughout its 118-year history, the Texas Longhorns have been among the top college football programs in the nation. Given Texas’ rich history, the position of head coach of the Longhorns is a highly coveted position.

In fact, Athletic recently ranked the best head coaching jobs in college football, and Texas was ranked No. 4 behind Alabama, Ohio State and Georgia, and one spot. ahead of LSU.

Here’s what Athletic had to say about the job:


Points: 164

Total votes: 55

Votes for first place: 11

It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most controversial jobs and still one of the most prized positions in the sport. Other schools under the Longhorns on this list have received more first or second place votes, but this is a tough program to exclude from the ballot. Even with all the turmoil in Texas over the past decade and the lack of Big 12 titles since 2009, the belief that this work has few peers in terms of potential persists.

They always make more money than anyone. They are always located in an attractive city. They still live in an incredibly talent-rich state. Tom Herman and Charlie Strong were able to recruit in the top five early in their tenure, regardless of their record. The Longhorns haven’t done a great job of late to leverage all of that into the consistent high-profile success that Mack Brown has enjoyed, but it’s easy to see why many in the industry still believe this work can be one of the best when fully optimized.

“Too much interference over the past 10 years has hurt them,” said an ACC staff member.

Brown’s successors struggled to navigate the political elements of this work and appease any power brokers. Alignment in Texas can be incredibly powerful and incredibly difficult to achieve and maintain. The standards are extremely high and will continue to be as this program transitions to the SEC. Interestingly, Texas was included on less than a third of the ballots of coaches and staff who work in the Big 12. Is that just hate? Or is it rather a sign that, at least within their current conference, there is a belief that this work is overrated?

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