West Charlotte High School to forfeit 2021-22 football season due to player ineligibility issues


CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Another Mecklenburg County high school football team is breaking the rules. West Charlotte High School must forfeit last fall’s football season, pay a $250 fine and return play-off money.

All because of an ineligible player residency requirement.

This is the second CMS school, however, with player ineligibility issues resulting in a lost season. Myers Park High School had several players on its roster who were not from Charlotte.

“I feel like it’s unfair,” said West Charlotte High School graduate Jaiya Jones. “That’s clearly it.”

West Charlotte High School graduates spent Thursday defending their alma mater.

“I feel like it’s very unfair to public schools in general,” Jones said.

“It just seems stupid to say ‘he’s not in this district so they can’t win,'” said West Charlotte high school graduate Tyrez Davis. “Why?”

The Lions football team came out of the season with seven wins and four losses. Now, all of that means nothing.

“You’re taking away a victory that they won themselves,” Davis said.

“I don’t feel like people are considering kids at this point,” Jones added. “When did we stop caring about children?

The team had an ineligible player on their roster due to residency, which is against North Carolina High School Athletic Association rules.

“And you just take that away from them,” Jones said. “Not just for one child, but for everyone. It is unfair.”

“They worked for it and did everything they had to do to get there,” Davis said. “And then you say they can’t have the win?”

West Charlotte is not the first high school to be punished for such a sentence. The Myers Park football team were fined for the same just a month ago and were also forced to forfeit their final season.

“Some people get scholarships and stuff, that’s their livelihood,” Jones said. “Where are they going to go, what are they going to do?”

It’s a rule that the proud ex-West Charlotte shouldn’t punish players.

“A teenager can’t choose which house they live in, it’s totally unfair to them,” Davis said. “It’s more about blaming the parents for their own life circumstances.”

Queen City News has contacted the head football coach at West Charlotte High School, but he had no comment at this time. QCN also contacted the school’s athletic director, but did not hear back.


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