USC player exposes ‘biggest difference’ between Alabama and USC football


Linebacker Shane Lee spent time in Tuscaloosa, Alabama before joining the USC Trojans in 2022.

Lee, who was the No. 5 player overall in his high school job, joined the Crimson Tide in 2019. He transferred to Southern California in January. Lee detailed the biggest difference between the two Power 5 programs when asked by reporters on Thursday afternoon.

“When you go to a program like Alabama, the culture is already established and you know what you’re getting into. It’s proven. You’re trying to see if you can stand up. It’s a place [USC] where you’re trying to build culture. It’s not can you last here? It’s a lot more, can you help us build this thing? That’s the biggest difference.


Lee continued, “As far as football goes, it’s just a different vibe here. When I got here, everyone hugged me. Come say hello and talk to me. I’ve never really had this before anywhere else I’ve been. It was really cool and really different. I think that’s what makes this place special, it’s whoever comes here, they’re embraced and you’re welcome. We try to figure out how to work together to grow and have the best product.

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Lee spent three seasons with the Alabama Crimson Tide. He recorded 95 tackles [eight for loss] and six sacks in his career.


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