Online sports betting in Maryland won’t start until football season – CBS Baltimore


BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Maryland Lottery and Gaming officials say they hope mobile sports betting “will be available during the 2022 football season.”

In-person sports betting is available at some locations. Horseshoe and MGM began taking bets on their sportsbooks in December.

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Games officials say legal mandates, such as an industry analysis, will be completed in the coming months. The law requires that local and minority businesses have the opportunity to enter the market.

Sports game of chance.

This means that the football season will likely begin without online sports betting in Maryland, as physical sports betting apps continue to have preference.

Some players outside of Horseshoe Casino say it takes too long.

“Why should you come to a casino just to place a bet?” said Joshua Robinson. “It just doesn’t make sense.”

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Other sports fans agree.

“It’s a bit slow. I say, let’s go,” North Carolina’s Mike Spear said Wednesday before an Orioles game.

At a meeting of the Sportsbook Application Review Board on April 21, games officials James Nielsen said he expected a learning curve for applicants and that they ” communicate too much” with them.

“Some of the entities that have less experience in game segments are learning that it’s more complicated than expected,” Nielsen said.

An educational summit is scheduled for Friday May 6 in Montgomery Park with gambling industry experts to address the costs of running a bookmaker. Since April 21, 66 people registered for the summit.

Early returns from in-person betting are well below the estimated $15 million per year in sports betting revenue. In approximately four months, $1.83 million in taxes was collected from December 9, 2021 to March 2022.

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“(Mobile sports betting) will take over,” Spear said. “You won’t have to come here (to a casino) to do that.”


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