Ohio State football copies Michigan football


Last October, we published an article about a new tradition that Michigan implemented after each forced rotation. It ended up being a really cool secondary moment that also resulted in some great setting.

This year, Michigan has implemented its own turnover tradition and, in my opinion, it is the least fanciful and most memorable approach yet. After each takeout, the defense gathers into a large, unified group and poses for a photo on the sidelines, during the game. Michigan only has seven takeouts this season, but they’ve already made some incredible shots.

As if that wasn’t cool enough on its own, the photos are used as decorations in the team meeting room inside Schembechler Hall. Football Creative director Aaron Bills gave a quick tour of the new setting and it’s already an awesome addition. You can just imagine what it will look like over the course of a season or several seasons as the takeaways pile up.

aaron bills michigan defense turnovers

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Mike Macdonald’s new defense works pretty well and seems to have a knack for making timely plays, which has resulted in some incredible sidelines and a whole new lore. This stuff is proof that the team is more cohesive and closer than last year and explains why so many players have been talking about a new and improved culture.

With the success of the defense and the impact of these images, I can’t imagine the tradition ever stopping. It’s cool, unique and actually practical, unlike so many other cliched gadgets. Quarterback coach Matt Weiss came up with the idea, passed it on to Macdonald, who then asked Bills to implement it. Kudos to the whole gang for making it a reality.

Hilariously, Ohio State started doing the exact same thing in last weekend’s spring game and even tried to take credit for the idea.

Uh, Buckeyes…it’s been done and it’s been done better. That’s okay, though, these people are from Ohio after all.

Pulling off a cool tradition is nothing new for scarlet and gray. The Buckeyes already have a prized tradition started by Michigan – the famous “Ohio Script” performed by the marching band. Ted Boehm, a member of the Ohio State Marching Band in 1935 and 1936, and an “authority” on Script Ohio, wrote that indeed Michigan played the first script Ohio in 1932. The Buckeyes have been doing it since 1936 .


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