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Juventus are through to the Coppa Italia final with goals from Bernardeschi and Danilo securing a 2-0 win over Fiorentina who, after the 1-0 win in the first leg at the Franchi, secured qualification for the final next month. These are the statements of Mr Allegri, Bernardeschi and Perin at the end of the match against La Viola.

“We won as a team, everyone had the right mindset. The defensive phase was good, although we should have scored a second goal in the first half, but we made very few mistakes. Reaching the final with Inter was our goal, and after the draw with Bologna it was not easy, especially against a team like Fiorentina who know how to play with intensity, and who are the first opponents for fourth place. Congratulations to the boys, especially because given the injuries, they’ve always been playing the same for some time. Vlahovic? He’s been with Juve for three months and is now a bit depressed, playing a game every three days. He has 22 years old and he has to find a balance, but it’s a step he will take to reach the right maturity.”

“I’m happy with my goal, I overcame the injury well, but the most important thing is to have won and reached the final. Winning this type of game at home gives us a big boost and now we will meet the Inter, a great team, but so are we.”

“We had a solid game, like in the first leg and when you hit a goal like in the final, it’s rewarding. The criticism that came after the game against Bologna is part of the sport and you have to be good at absorbing it and maintain our balance. Now we are going to play the final against Inter and after the Super Cup we are looking forward to this revenge. I am happy, because even if I do not play many matches, to be able to compete with this jersey for the trophies is priceless.”

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