How good (or not) was the 2021 football season?


It’s time to spit out some truth about the most recent episode of the Inside the Gamecocks Podcast.

It’s April 13th and we’re getting closer to the Garnet and Black spring football game, men’s basketball has almost a full coaching staff and there are obviously several topics of interest to discuss.

Highlights of the show include…

-Some fans are massively impressed with South Carolina’s 2021 football season, which ended 7-6 with a 38-21 win over North Carolina at Duke’s Mayo Bowl. It was the program’s first winning season since 2018, the first bowl win since 2017, and the Gamecocks beat Florida and Auburn, as well as the Tar Heels, after Nov. 1, so they finished better than they did. had started. Some fans aren’t impressed at all. Carolina beat only one team (East Carolina) who finished with a winning record, struggled to beat ECU, Troy and Vanderbilt, lost again to Missouri and Kentucky and was eliminated by Georgia, Tennessee, Texas A&M and Clemson.

What then is the truth? As is normally the case, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. You can spin the numbers to say whatever you want. For example, while it’s accurate to say that Carolina has only won one game against a team with a winning record, the Gamecocks have actually defeated four bowl teams (UF/AU/UNC/ECU) and all six losses have come against bowl teams. The losses also came against teams that had a combined 55-24 record. So it doesn’t look that bad, does it. On the other hand, you can also say they could have easily finished 4-8 with nasty losses to Vanderbilt/Troy or ECU. You could also say they were one score in two games (a 16-10 loss to the Wildcats, a 31-28 loss to Mizzou) from potentially being 9-4, which would have been the best record in the league. program history for a first-year head coach.

The bottom line is that progress has been made. That’s what everyone was hoping for. That’s what everyone got.

– New men’s basketball coach Lamont Paris is about to complete its workforce. Is there a “big name” heading to town? Do we know what a “big name” in this sport is?

-Finally, the iHelp Consulting mailbag has some interesting questions, including one about Carolina having no public verbal football commitments for the class of 2023. There’s a good answer for that one and now’s not the time to worry at this stadium.

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