How Georgia Soccer Score in Pools vs. Alabama Soccer


The Georgian defense has received a lot of attention and praise this season. They have played a historic level, and the attention is both justified and deserving.

Although he has eclipsed the offensive performance throughout the regular season schedule. Georgia led the SEC in yards per game, scored 40.7 points per game – sixth in the FBS – and have only been pushed once in the fourth quarter of a contest this season.

On Saturday, however, they had their biggest test since the season opener against Clemson. Alabama enter the SEC Championship game after holding Auburn to 10 points in regulation a week ago and allowing him 19.9 points per game, which ranks him 20th in the nation. They are by no means a perfect defense, although apart from Clemson they are the best defense Georgia have played all season.

So how will the Bulldogs manage to rack up points against Alabama?

Survive Will Anderson

Will Anderson has 13.0 sacks, 25.5 TFL, 76 total tackles and he even has two passing deflections. Statistically speaking, he is enjoying a season that little in the history of college football can represent. There is no doubt that he will have an impact on Saturday’s game, it’s about surviving those times. Sacks are inevitable, loss tackles are a given with Anderson, but fumbles and timely sacks will change the course of a football game.

Add Darnell Washington, slip him protection, attack him in the racing game, find ways to survive a player having a unique season.

Dictation coverage

Offensive coordinator Todd Monken has a long history of successful attacking and is highly regarded in college football. His ability to study his opponent, force him to adopt specific covers, and then come up with concepts to attack those covers, is what made this Georgian attack explosive and effective this season.


Hit the shots

Georgia beat the teams with an average of 32 points per game. Todd Monken didn’t have to be as creative as he used to be.

He’ll have points free players in this game, like he did a year ago when Georgia and Alabama faced off. Georgia need to hit those punches consistently on Saturday. If they want to lighten up a loaded box that Alabama will likely dedicate to racing, it will have to be through the air.

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