Analyze the impact of Ashton Cozart’s commitment to Oregon football


The Ducks made headlines again on Sunday night with the addition of a four-star receiver Ashton Cozartwho called off her engagement from Oklahoma.

Let’s peel back the layers here to take an in-depth look at what this commitment means for Oregon.

SI All-American’s Bryan Driskell Rating

Cozart is a long, lean wide receiver with impressive ball skills. His length gives him a very wide catching radius, and his quick hands allow him to quickly snatch the ball in the air. Cozart tracks the deep ball extremely well and he shows top-notch body control on contested shots. Cozart has excellent concentration on the ball and as he gets stronger he will be even more dangerous in individual situations.

Cozart can take a while to get off the line, but when his technique is solid and he limits unnecessary movement on the snap, he can get the better of defenders quickly. He is a fluid athlete with impressive speed. His quick footing and balance allow him to make rapid movements, and with a little more work he should become a good road runner.

At this point, Cozart is more of a road runner/vertical threat, and his combination of length, speed, and road-running potential is a perfect match for outside receiving pitches. His high footballing IQ and sense of openness combine with his balance and ball skills to project himself as an inside player as well. This versatility only adds to his value as a prospect.

Impact of recruitment on career path

Like any commitment, the Cozart Promise has an impact that will show off the football pitch.

To start, the Ducks pick another player from the Lone Star State, which will only help their pitch more with other prospects that are sure to pop up on the line like the defensive back. Tyler Turnerwhich has just placed Oregon in its top two with Oklahoma.

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While wrapping up his high school career in Texas, Cozart hails from the Pacific Northwest, playing with Ford Sports Performance on the 7-on-7 circuit this spring. The Ducks welcomed a host of FSP rookies such as the cornerback Caleb Presleyto come back Jason Brown Jr. and offensive lineman Isendre Ahfua leading up to their spring game. The addition of Cozart should likely further cement that relationship with the Pacific Northwest’s top talent factory.

Cozart now gives the Ducks two really talented wide receivers in the 2023 class as he joins Curse Dickey. Dickey projects himself more as a point guard than Cozart, but as the assessment above indicates, Cozart is a good player to pair with Dickey on the sidelines.

Finally, the addition of Cozart continues to add to the appeal of a solid offensive run as the Ducks seek their quarterback who will likely become the face of the class, headlined by options like Jaden Rashada, Dante Moore and Avery Johnson.


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